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LaSandra Gayle Thomas the Founder and President of Sweet Pea Productions NC Inc. is a Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Filmmaker and Song Writer known for her professionalism and keen sense of structure from Pre Production through Post Production.  She’s a native of High Point NC and a Veteran of the U. S. Army.  In 2019 she accepted and invitation to sit on the Producers Affiliate Council, constituted under the Piedmont Triad Film Commission (PTFC) to further the visions and goals of the PTFC and to promote successes in filmmaking, to encourage productions and to articulate concerns and needs of filmmakers in the twelve county Triad region of NC.  Covid soon brought everything to a halt.  LaSandra’s heart for the people is the driving force God uses to fuel her passion for writing.  

LaSandra is the Director of Photography for the award winning documentary titled, “The March On An All American City,” created and Directed by a childhood friend Phyllis Bridges, owner of Yalik's Modern Art.  The project received The 2017 Paul Green Multimedia Award, The Excellence Award and The Presidents Award all from the North Carolina Society of Historians. The film depicts the climate of the 1960s Civil Rights Era of High Point, North Carolina.  The project was premiered November 5, 2016.  She is an Executive Producer of "The Present" a feature film written and directed by Darrell Smith of Terry D. Films, where she served in a multiplicity of roles; Script Breakdown, Scheduling, Director of Photography, Set Design, Location Scout, Casting Director, Boom Operator and Actress. The feature premiered on May 25, 2015.  LaSandra was hired as a camera operator from 2016 through 2019 for Winston Salem State University’s commencement by Shef-tales Productions.  She has also directed and filmed smaller projects, such as Trailers, Sizzle Reels, Video Auditions and gofundme video to mention a few.   Since 2018, Rajdeep Media Productions often hires LaSandra as a camera operator for a wide variety of projects.  LaSandra’s first original screenplay, “A Matter Of Heart,” is in the film festival/distribution phase of post-production and is the first of five original scripts ready to be produced.  She continually writes, and has many screenplays and teleplays in different stages, whether it’s the idea, outline, writing or editing phase.

In 2022, LaSandra tried her hand as a National Radio Personality, “The Sweet Pea Radio Show,” which broadcast through WDRBmedia and streamed through iHeart Radio, Streema, Youtube and Raddio every Friday at 7pm EST.  The premise of the show was to Interview and promote Artist from Film, TV, Stage, Musicians as well as allowing the voice of the community to speak.  The show also provided updates of all SPPNC projects.  She is the proud mother of one daughter, and two sons; and an overjoyed grandmother of three granddaughters and two grandson. Inspired by a childhood nick-name given by her father, Sweet Pea Productions NC Inc. was formed with a mission to capture the innocence of truth, and spread goodwill.  Her mission is "Depicting Hope” through various art forms, which will give rise to a greater good throughout the land. LaSandra aims to leave a legacy of unrestrained hope.


"A Matter Of Heart"

A Psychological Drama


"When the mind is sick, if left untreated, the heart will follow."

When deception violates trust and questions integrity; when honesty seems to be a practice of the past; when deep seated issues distort views, where can one turn for refuge when all hope seems lost.

Balen an astute business man, loving husband and father, shatters every good and perfect thing he’s work so hard to obtain. Krista has sacrificed her dreams to become a dedicated wife and nurturing mother who’s now faced with a harsh reality, it may all have been for naught. Latricia, AKA Christy has no cares, no rules and no shame in her tactics, to include manipulating the outcome to her favor, usually at the expense of another.

This movie is filled with a spun of emotional affairs.  It Depicts a family in dire crisis, a temptress in frantic pursuit, friends who stick closer than a brother and a mother’s unshakeable faith in God as she prays to deal with matters of the heart.

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The Award Winning Feature Film

Film Festival Acknowledgements:

On behalf of SPPNC and the AMOH Cast and Crew, we are elated and honored to be an Official Selection of the World Premiere Film Awards 2024! We give a Special "Thank You" to the selection committee. We genuinely appreciate your vote!

The AMOH Cast and Crew, we are elated and Overjoyed to have our feature film win six categories from the World Premiere Film Awards 2024!  We give a Special "Thank You" to the selection committee.  We genuinely appreciate you for recognizing our passion and hard work!

An Award Winning Documentary

"The March On An All-American City"


The North Carolina Society of Historians North Wilkesboro, NC:


Winner of the 2017 Paul Green Multimedia Award

Winner of the 2017 Excellence Award

Winner of the 2017 Presidents Award

Sweet Pea Radio


Stay up to date


Ever since we opened the doors in 2012, we have provided clients with state-of-the-art video solutions. Our productions are catered to our clients’ needs and are produced with the utmost attention to detail. Looking for a Filmmaker that really knows how to get the job done right? Check out our recent work and see what we can do for you today!


If you're looking for inspirations of hope, you've come to the right place. Our original productions depict real world issues and produce optimistic solutions for your entire family to enjoy. Let us be your source of christian entertainment.

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Sweet Pea Productions NC Inc. knows what it means to give each project the personalized attention it deserves. We deliver state-of-the-art productions that bring our clients’ visions to life with the same professionalism we put into our original productions. Our Behind-the-Scenes Video is a great example of how we keep our clients’ interests in mind and create a unique visual experience that places them one step ahead of their competitors.


Looking for a Filmmaker to do some small-scale editing or larger and more complex video production project, look no further. Our productions have transformed my clients’ brands and have placed them at the forefront of their industries.

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